Maleficent Torrent - “Maleficent Torrent” subverts the fairy tale and serves as a vehicle for Jolie

Logo in the opening minutes, Stromberg presents the kingdom of the Moors fussy. A world that, despite the exuberant nature, is inhabited by creatures in computer graphics uncharismatic. Maleficent Torrent, then a little girl (Isobelle Molloy), enchanted forest protects the envy of men. Here, the character return evil for black earth tones and their known horns are accompanied by wings. The history of fairy-angel turns when she meets Stefan (Michael Higgins Sharlto Copley in childhood and adulthood). The young human gain their trust, swear “true love” and the fool to spend a paltry plebeian king.

Maleficent Torrent is therefore no longer a fairy godmother resentful at not being invited to a party, is a betrayed wife. When launching the famous curse against Stefan daughter, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning), she seeks revenge against the one who had stolen her innocence. This transition from good to bad is abrupt. A handful of scenes that didactically change your wardrobe, but do not develop your emotional state. With 97 minutes, the movie get flustered to go through the arch-villain girl heroine and forgets to give the promised three-dimensionality your story and its characters.

The Fauna, Flora and Spring Fairies, renamed Thistletwit (Juno Temple), Knotgrass (Imelda Staunton) and Flittle (Lesley Manville), completely lost the charm, for example. Be in their bizarrely reduced versions in computer graphics, or in their disguises “civilians”, which they use to create the princess out of the castle and protect her from the curse, the three characters are exaggerated and only serve as a bridge to create the link between maternal Aurora and Maleficent Torrent.

The princess, despite the talent Fanning, also fails the necessary space to develop. When reaches adolescence is just an overly naive girl who did not show any reaction to discover that his father is the villain of the story. Dieval (Sam Riley), the helper shifter Maleficent Torrent also deserved more screen time. Were not as fast, their interactions with Jolie, and create a one-off comic relief, would give body to the revelation of the true nature of the protagonist.

Maleficent Torrent is the result of a new crop of Disney rethinks their classic for a new generation education, discarding archetypes of fragile princesses and galloping heroes saving the day with a kiss. After Alice in Wonderland and Frozen, was once the queen of the villains reveal to the public that there are other forms of “true love” than those that offer the enchanted princes. Although the intention is laudable, in the rush to create a new moral, Maleficent Torrent forgot to tell a good story.